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Last Updated : 15/12/2018
State Level Workshop On
Environmental Awareness: Biodiversity and Ecological Conservation

Gujarat has unique natural biodiversity due to its geographical location and its climatic features. Diversity and correlation between human and environment plays an important role in stability of any kind of ecosystem. At present, Conservation biology is a scientific response to current massive environmental changes occurring on earth. Climate change is a major issue to damage our natural ecosystem, maintaining natural and diverse ecosystems will help in adaption of changing conditions. It is necessary to measure the presence of all organisms over space and time using taxonomy, functional traits, interactions among species, predation, parasitism, competition and how strongly affect ecosystems.

Before we concentrate too much on our reactions to climate change, we should always consider what can be done to prevent it, our workshop aims to create awareness about protection of natural habitats, to check the loss of species and erosion of gene pool of plants and animals and conservation of biodiversity. Ecological conservation is essential for the health of biosphere and development of our natural resources.

This workshop brings together a distinguish group of experts from different background and disciplines to discuss and debate the critical issues related to Biodiversity and ecological conservation. We are expecting this would yield fruitful discussion on different kinds of ecosystem conservation, plant-animal-interaction in changing environment and biodiversity.

Focal themes of Workshop and Speakers :

* Environmental Awareness: Methods of conservation and management by Dr. Mrugesh Trivedi, KSV, Kachchh Uni., Bhuj
* Ecology and Life science conservation; Current status and future challenges of biodiversity by Dr. Deepa Gavali, GES, Vadodara
* Endemic species of plants: Gujarat Region by Dr. P. S. Nagar, Dept. of Botany, MSU, Vadodara
* Conservation method for endangered species of flora and fauna in Gujarat: by Nishit Dharaia, HNGU, Patan
* People's participation and community based conservation.

The Outcomes of Workshop :

Aim of this workshop to create awareness and interaction amongst students and researchers towards biodiversity and environmental effects. Biodiversity is an index of nation's wealth which elucidate the variety and variability among living organism and ecological complexes in which they occur. The increasing involvement of human actions as important drivers introduces a broad new suite of responses mi interactions

Participants: - Around 150 participants were actively participated in above stated workshop i.e. PG Students, Researchers, Research Scholars, Teaching Faculties