On the Occasion of National Science Day, GEC invites theme-based science articles and Innovative Ideas/Videos/Posters/Drawings on the 7 Themes of Mission LiFE- Lifestyle For Environment.
Last Updated : 15/12/2018

Jointly Organized by
Gujarat Ecology Commission, The State ENVIS Hub, Gujarat

Department of Environmental Science & Technology (EST),
Institute of Science & Technology for Advanced Studies & Research (ISTAR), and
Department of Biological & Environmental Science,
N. V. Patel College of Pure & Applied Sciences (NVPAS),
Sardar Patel University. Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand.

Organized on: 30th January 2018

Focal Theme of Seminar :

Gujarat being one of the richest industrially developed states in India, the rapid structural urbanization and industrialization during the second half of the 20th century has created increasing pollution in environment and natural resources. Need to protect the environment from pollution is recognized by most societies, but how to achieve a balance among growth, social welfare, and environment is widely debatable. Thus, it is the utmost responsibility and accountability of every citizen to combat and mitigate environmental pollution like surface and ground waters, marine and coastal waters, forests and many more, further leading to climate change. This seminar is being organized with an objective to provide an opportunity to graduates and postgraduates, researchers, academicians, scientists and professionals from different parts of state and country to exchange their research findings in latest and relevant ideas on proposed theme of the seminar. The seminar would also provide a platform to research scholars for interaction with experts from academics and industries of diversified fields of Environment, Pollution & Climate Change.

This Seminar is an opportunity for the like-minded fraternity, and environment conscious scientific community to monitor the adversity of polluting factors and to combat the anthropogenic greed to face Environmental Challenges in a better way.

The prime objective of this Seminar is to establish an effective way to bridge the gap among researchers, academicians, and industrialists. This Seminar will play a vital role in deliberation and sharing of knowledge in such emerging areas such as Earth & Atmospheric Science, Green Chemistry, Waste Management & Control Technology, Climate Change Mitigation, Applications of RS & GIS, Energy Conservation, Sustainable Development etc.

Objectives of the Seminar :

* Air Pollution & Control Technologies
* Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity & Forestry
* Water & Environmental Technologies
* Aquatic & terrestrial Environmental Pollution
* Waste Management
* Climate Change and Agriculture
* Carbon sequestration in curbing Climate Change
* Applications of RS & GIS in Environmental Research
* Ecosystem – Analyses & Modelling
* Space & Atmospheric Science
* Environmental & Atmospheric Chemistry
* Environmental Health
* Natural resources – Energy & Conservation
* Climate Change: Mitigation & Adaptation
* Environmental, Medical and industrial Biotechnology
* Environmental Conservation & Sustainable Development