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Last Updated : 04/12/2018
Workshop on Biodiversity and Conservation

The workshop on biodiversity and conservation was organised by The M.S.University of Baroda in collaboration with Gujarat Ecology Commission - The State ENVIS Hub & South Dang Forest Division, Ahwa, Dangs on 9th February 2018. It was organised in Navsari Agricultural University. The program was started with the university song and welcoming of all the dignitaries. After a brief introduction of all the guests, the first lecture was taken by Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, NRSC, Hyderabad on “Alien invasive plants of India”. There, he first explained about what is an alien species and gave many examples of invasion of alien species and what are their impact on native ecosystem and also how they are monitoring and managing this problem by using Remote sensing techniques.

Thereafter, the 2nd lecture was on “Gingers: Sustainable utilisation & conservation” given by Dr. Ramesh Kumar Paliwal, BSI, Jodhpur. In that, he explained about the status of Zingiberaceae family in World and in India and also showed many beautiful flowers of different species of Ginger. The lecture was concluded by showing the future prospective of ginger family with their medicinal uses.

The 3rd lecture was given by Dr. Sandip Kumar, S.P University, Vidyanagar on “CLIMBING PLANTS OF GUJARAT & THEIR CONSERVATION IN VALSAD DISTRICT”. In his lecture, he explained about the different types of climbers, their ecological importance and how he managed to develop his own botanical garden & Conservatory for educational, aesthetic, scientific and economic purpose. He also showed the different types of climbing plants which are growing in his garden and how he is managing them.

Post lunch, the 4th lecture was taken by Dr. Vinod Maina , BSI, Jodhpur on PLANTS USED IN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS BY INDIGENOUS PEOPLE. He first explained about Ethanobotany and why it is important to study about indigenous people and their culture and gave many examples of plants which are used for making musical instrument by the tribal people.

At the end of the event, an open forum was called in which all the dignitaries and the researchers were given time to express their views on the said topic. Many of dignitaries suggested how we can conserve the nature and then nature will protect us. One of the great mind said there that we don’t need to protect the nature but we only need to be mindful of our day today activities and the nature will be protected by itself. The program was concluded with the closing words from Dr. P.S. Nagar.