On the Occasion of National Science Day, GEC invites theme-based science articles and Innovative Ideas/Videos/Posters/Drawings on the 7 Themes of Mission LiFE- Lifestyle For Environment.
Last Updated : 21/02/2023

Mission LiFE - Mother Earth

Mission LiFE - Save Water

Prakruti Ki Pathshala - Awareness Programe based on Mission LiFE

Dadi ke Kisse Aam ki khas bate - Based on Eco-conscious way of LiFE Concept

Children Nutrition Park

Towards Sustainable Coastal Management (Gujarati)

Towards Sustainable Coastal Management (English)

આપણો દરિયો, આપણું જીવન

કેટલા કાપ્યા ?

Bio Medical Waste

Solid Waste Management in Gujarat


On the fringes of earth: A success story of Ashiravandh village

Coastal Treasure Trove


Mangrove Awarness Campaign

GANDHI Dandi Project

Mangrove Yatra

Khara Bareja A torch Bearer of Healthy Village

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