On the Occasion of National Science Day, GEC invites theme-based science articles and Innovative Ideas/Videos/Posters/Drawings on the 7 Themes of Mission LiFE- Lifestyle For Environment.
Last Updated : 03/08/2019

Community Driven Environmentally Sustainable Villages Programme

Awareness Campaign On : A day long training programme conducted in 340 different villages to create an awareness on “ Green & Blue Good Deeds ” under the ENVIS in association with NGOs. Training covered. The campaign is an attempt to address some simple actions which we can practice on a routine basis and which would have a positive impact on the environment & daily life.

Campaign contains various themes viz., Use Environment Friendly Transport: Less fuel, fresh air, healthier environment , Save Water, Save life, Cook and eat smart, Food and other Waste Reduction, Drive less, walk more, Make your place clean and green , Preserve your forests and protect the lives, Use energy efficiency products, Buy locally grown products etc.

Campaign Containing: Specially design Game on Good & Bad habits/Quick Quiz Competition/Quick Debate Competition regarding Your Village & Its Environment/ 30 minutes Power Point Presentation on Good Green & Blue Deeds in local languages/Audio-Video Documentary on environmental issues produced by GEC/ Interaction & Feedback etc.

Orientation of NGOs for Campaign: GEC conducted one day orientation for explaining about the campaign and detail contents developed for the campaign, Quiz and prises, Game playing, questionaries for feedback etc.

• Total 17 NGOs selected for conducted sais campaigns across the State

• Campaign run from Jan-Feb,2019

• More than 15,000 stakeholders participated